The Sitewisely Real Estate Ecosystem

The SiteWisely Real Estate Ecosystem Platform

What Sitewisely Does

We work with corporate real estate companies to help make data part of their sales process. Sitewisely maps census, traffic, and proprietary data in an easy to use online platform. We’ve developed a Real Estate data ecosystem, that specifically helps corporate Real Estate sales teams arm themselves with current, robust data. This supports your industry expertise throughout the sales cycle and give your customers added confidence and transparency when selecting a site.

The Ecosystem Includes:

  1. A licence to Sitewisely: real time insights on property locations, access to demographic, traffic, planned infrastructure, property development, socioeconomic data, and unlimited demographic reporting.

  2. Bespoke location reports: the basic version of these includes demographic and traffic data for a selected address, while the advanced version also includes income and expenditure distribution.

Sitewisley Arms Real Estate with Instant Location Analysis

Proximity to Other Businesses and Competitors

It is essential to know the different businesses and event sites near each potential location and whether they are associated with your clients’ business location strategy.

Sitewisely maps a wide range of different businesses nationally, allowing you to provide your clients with insights into the types of companies in the area and potential gaps in the market.

Visibility and Accessibility of the Site

When helping businesses select a commercial site it is highly important to note the traffic patterns. Walking and drive-by visibility are also both ideal factors to analyse in order to ensure a commercial site’s success.

Sitewisely has an exclusive licence to supply Zenith Traffic Estimates data. This will allow you to inform your clients on the traffic density per area and direction traveled, as well as traffic speed - ensuring they have all the answers.

Demographics and Socio-Economic Status of the Area's Population

It is essential to pay attention to the population density (and the areas growth projection), the economic and business diversity of the area, and the projected population and employment growth of the area around each potential site.

Sitewisely contains the complete demographic and socio-economic information (supplied by the Australian Bureau of Statistics) for Australia. Our data also includes population growth forecasts that highlights where potential population growth will occur. This information provides insights into where your clients should locate their business to ensure they are able to make the most of the new market growth potential.