The Essential Proptech Data Visualisation Platform

The Essential PropTech Data Visualisation Platform

What Sitewisely Does

The Sitewisely mapping platform ensures our clients can draw meaningful and powerful data-based insights. We gather market intelligence for you to view and manage your current, closed, and future business locations. Our Open Data and exclusive data sets reveal insights that allow you to engage in meaningful fact-based decision-making.

How Sitewisely Sets you Apart from the Competition

In a competitive context, our deep and powerful analytics capabilities allow you to optimise your data analysis and de-risk the process of making new site assessments. Our platform allows you to specifically investigate individual, store, or franchise trade areas. Through applying different filters and catchment analysis Sitewisley allows you to rapidly identify and form a deeper understanding of these areas by visually mapping the supporting demographics and trade potential of your existing and proposed locations.

Mapping the Data Gaps

Sitewisely allows you to identify brands in both a specific retail category or non-retail category, within target catchment area. Who’s opening and closing stores? And where? These are questions Sitewisely can answer. Essentially, you can identify your gaps and your competitors’ gaps within a target catchment areas where the presence of your brand or your competitors’ brands are lacking or oversaturated.

Sitewisely’s Data and Features

We regularly refresh our data on the locations of prominent brands within the fuel, retail, restaurants and convenience, automotive, hotels and accomodation, health and medical centre, gyms and fitness centres, aged care facilities, childcare centres, development, banking and finance, and real estate marketspaces. Sitewisely also allows you to engage in network planning, demographic analysis, drive time analysis, area crime rate analysis, train station boardings and popularity analysis, and more! Not only can you conduct your analysis online, but you can generate PDF reports on each of your analyses. All of our data is regularly refreshed to ensure Sitewisley can provide our clients with access to the best available data. Our precise, fact-based, demographically driven methodology allows you to prioritise opportunities for new locations. Hereby, our clients can base their decisions on highly meaningful data and analytics, in an exceptionally cost-effective way.

The Wider Indicatrix Brand

Indicatrix maps the world’s data. Our visualisation tools and services make sense of spatial data for Government, Enterprise, Industry, Small Businesses, Growing Businesses, Franchisees and Franchisors. We offer two platforms: Sitewisely and Planwisely. Each is tailored to best meet our client’s needs and ensure everyone has access to meaningful data analysis to aid site selection, and infrastructure and development planning projects.