Visualisation and Analytics
to make you the expert

Sitewisely puts cutting edge location analytics in your hands,
so that you can find a great location in two steps.

Visualise the data. Then analyse it.

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Sitewisely’s state-of-the-art mapping platform is the easiest way to visualise location data.

Simply select the datasets, layers and filters that are relevant to your business, and Sitewisely will map it all for you.


Powered by WebGL technology, Sitewisely Maps has the mapping capability to match any in-house GIS system.

Cloud Based

Location insights are accessible anywhere - at work, at home, on-the-go.


Unlike GIS systems that crash often and take forever to explore, Sitewisely can handle large amounts of data.


Quickly access layers from our extensive catalog of datasets.


Focus on your customers with advanced demographic filters.

Partner Datasets

Visualise exclusive data produced by Zenith Traffic Estimates.

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