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Open Data

Basic Demographics

Get to know the population around you.


Australian statistical, postal and administration boundaries.

OpenStreetMap Places

Open-source places database, maintained by the community.

Socio-Economic Data

SEIFA index for suburbs across Australia.

Open Points of Interest

Aged care homes, hospitals.

Advanced Data

Advanced Demographics

Get to know the population around you, better.


Asses your risk using official crime statistics.

Store Locations

Detailed store locations database.

Train Station Boardings

Curated and combined dataset of train station boardings for major cities.

Advanced Points of Interest

Child care centres, schools, universities.

Partner Data

Zenith Traffic Estimates

The only source of traffic estimates with Australia wide coverage.

Zenith Vehicle Kilometers

Average annual vehicle kilometers by area for major cities.

Zenith Fuel Consumption

Average annual fuel consumption by area for major cities.

Zenith Traffic Counts

Visualise existing traffic counts.

Planned Transport Infrastructure

Assess how changes and construction might affect your site.

Zenith Traffic Estimates

Australia's only comprehensive traffic estimates.

If vehicle traffic is important to your business, Zenith Traffic Estimates is the only reliable way to make informed business location decisions.

Available exclusively through Sitewisely.

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